Winter dawn

It is now considerably colder than it was before Christmas (see Surviving the Ontario winter) and some people that we know have fled to warmer climes. We may want to do that some day but, for now, we are seeing a real beauty to each season. While we have experienced a number of cloudy and snowy days we have enjoyed some bright and clear days. The winter dawn has been especially enjoyable as we can see the sun rising over the clouds that usually seem to hover over the lake and lighting up the barn across the road and our snow-covered front yard.

The temperature dropped to – 19 degrees C just before the sun rose this morning. Yesterday, when this was taken, it was -15 C. Not record territory but cold enough!
We know that spring is far off but we are starting to talk gardening. The early dawn glow on this pile of soil, set aside for use in a garden, somehow seemed promising of the warmth to come.
We have never observed before living here the snow taking on a special glow from the rising sun.



The neighbour’s beautifully restored historic barn across the road catches the rising sun early.


After warming our spirits with its beauty, the rising winter sun then warms the house.


The winter sun is at a low enough angle for its rays to reach right across the house. Even though the thermometer outside never rose about – 10 degrees C yesterday, neither the furnace nor the woodstove were needed for heat from about 8:30 a.m. until mid afternoon.

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