Waterfall tour

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We weren’t really aware that Prince Edward County had beautiful waterfalls (except for our own mini waterfall; see Waterfall video) until we were told of a public open house this weekend at two of them. Both are on private land but once a year the land owners open them to the public as part of a Rotary Club of Picton fundraiser. Appropriately, the fundraising is for clean water projects in Africa.

So we  took a break from our work for a couple of hours and enjoyed the drive and the hikes to these two lovely waterfalls. The first, at Cape Vesey is about a 15 minute drive to our northeast and the second, Jackson Falls, is less than 10 minutes to the southwest. It was a lovely day but, if you look carefully, you can see ice behind the falls on the second video.

We hope you enjoy them too!



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  1. Cathy Roosenberg

    Beautiful! Imagine having that in your backyard!

  2. Brother Jim

    Hi! Just doing some catching up on your blog. Icy waterfalls, plumbed maple trees, shell-shocked chickens, nose-shocked dog, grand-kids holding lambs…. thanks for the interesting updates!

  3. Old Jo and Vic

    Thank for sharing the wonderful trips though your new experiences in your retirimemts. We envy you for them and also giving the great grandkids such wonderful things for later memories. You would not beleive how many of us in our golden years brag about the “kids”.

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