View property?

Our land was not advertised as view property by the realtor and that is not primarily what we were looking for. But we did see some ‘peek a boo’ views of the lake from a few spots, especially in the area that seemed most suitable for the house. After some careful shifting of the exact site and selective clearing of some unsightly ‘red cedars,’ we are very happy that there is indeed a modest view of the lake. It helped that the main floor is elevated because the basement couldn’t be dug very deep with  bedrock being so close to the surface. It helps even more that the second floor is that much higher than the main floor.

View from the main floor of the house. The pile of soil on the left will be moved in the Fall.
View from the second floor (with some magnification). The little spruce trees of the neighbour across the road are growing quickly and may block the view in a few years. I (Bob) am hoping that she will let me do some very careful pruning of them to control their height!
We find the views of the fields always attractive. We are hoping that, with some selective clearing, that we can get some glimpses of the fields from the back of the house.

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  1. Dwight Moore

    Hello Bob & Sheila, It’s great to watch your plans developing. Blessings, Dwight & Marian

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