The move

Despite more work needing to be done, we moved into the house this weekend.  The electricians still need to hang lights, the external siding is only partially done, the top soil needs to be spread, the driveway levelled and gravelled and dozens of details to be completed inside, but we are in!  We still have about one-third of our goods in storage in Belleville but hope to get all of that picked up tomorrow.

With the help of Andrew and a very helpful neighbour we moved in five U box loads on Saturday.
The exterior siding is still not complete but we are pleased with it thus far.
The kitchen has been a chaos of boxes but progress is being made
Much of the living room furniture is still in Belleville but we did create a bit of a comfortable haven amidst the chaos of boxes.


View from our bedroom window this morning. It was about minus 6 degrees with lots of hoar frost. The bull dozer should be here this week to level the top soil.



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  1. Ted Goshulak

    Good news Bob & Sheila! Glad that Andrew was there to help (along with the neighbour) …

  2. Congratulations! We are so happy for you.

  3. jenny goshulak

    So wonderful to see….Despite what is lacking, you have a beautiful, warm, and lovely home and we are grateful for this blessing. When we see so many in a world without the very basics of life, we are grateful for God’s faithfulness and your faith to embark on this journey….not so different from those seeking to make home in a foreign land.

  4. Helen Kastelein

    So excited with you that this day has finally come! Your home looks beautiful, thanks for keeping us updated with all the photos. Blessings to you in your new home.

  5. Your house is looking fabulous! I love the kitchen. Hope the move is going well.

  6. well this is wonderful, you seem to be settled, and of course the kitchen is the most important room in
    a home and you have designed a glorious “home room”

    Thank you so much for sharing this adventure. I had planned to move to Wellington a few years ago and am
    still wanting to settle in PEC…..we shall see

    My best warm wishes for your happiness with your family and farm this season.

    YVR island

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