Snowed in!

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It is true; we aren’t able to get out of our driveway and we have had to cancel some appointments today. It snowed very hard all day yesterday and by the time it was dark I measured it at 40 … Continued

Waterfall video

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Several readers commented that they liked the waterfall pictured last week in Local flooding. I had taken a video of it but didn’t know how to post it. Thanks to good and timely advice from Karen, we have been able … Continued

Local flooding

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It rained hard here yesterday. The temperature was warm and the remaining snow melted rapidly. The surface was already saturated from earlier snow melt and below that level the ground was still frozen. So the rain water and water from snow melt couldn’t … Continued

Snow dump

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Earlier this week we were sent a lovely picture of blooming witch hazel from our former yard in Abbotsford, BC. That was about the same time that we were getting here some rather impressive snow squalls that caused white-out conditions (you … Continued

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