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It was wonderful this past  Saturday to wake up to rain and then have it coming down on and off all day, sometimes heavily, with lightning and some good cracks of thunder. And then more rain fell yesterday.  In total between the two … Continued

Waterfall video

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Several readers commented that they liked the waterfall pictured last week in Local flooding. I had taken a video of it but didn’t know how to post it. Thanks to good and timely advice from Karen, we have been able … Continued

Local flooding

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It rained hard here yesterday. The temperature was warm and the remaining snow melted rapidly. The surface was already saturated from earlier snow melt and below that level the ground was still frozen. So the rain water and water from snow melt couldn’t … Continued

Farm Water

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Last summer we had a well drilled, 180 feet deep, at the front of the property right near the site where our new house is being finished. We trust that the well will be able to serve our needs in the … Continued