Surviving the Ontario winter

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Undoubtedly the most common question that Ontario residents have asked us, when learning that we have moved from coastal BC, is something like “how do you think that you will handle the winters?” They must have been thinking of the big ice storm of two years ago and the record snow falls that came after it or the record-breaking cold of last winter.

But so far this year there hasn’t really been any winter to speak of. We have had a few nights with frost but not really any snow. And the past few days have felt almost tropical. Today, the record high temperature was broken even before the sun came up and the mercury went above 15 degrees C in the bright sunshine. Locals tell us that the mild weather is intended to help us adjust to Ontario. Apart from some heavy showers on some days, it certainly has helped during the move.

Today Sheila and I had lots to do in the house to get ready for all of the family who are arriving on Christmas day. We had, literally, a ton of boxes and things in part of our unfinished basement to clear out so that we could create a play area for the grandchildren. But the sun was so bright and the air so warm that we took time out to go for a walk out into the fields. We hadn’t yet had time to pick our own Christmas tree or cut the pine boughs that Sheila always likes to use in decoration. So out we went and it was a wonderful, refreshing break.

There are lots of pine trees to choose from for our Christmas tree.


We wanted a tree that wasn’t too big because the house will be full with people. This little one looked pretty good. The sun was so warm that I sometimes wished I hadn’t worn a vest but the wind was strong.


We find the red of the Sumac trees to be quite striking.


The duck pond from the upstairs windows. We had been hoping that it would become ice covered so the grandchildren could play on it. That still may happen because some colder weather is forecast for next week but today we were joking that we could host a beach party, instead of a skating party, at the pond.


Whatever the weather where you are, may you have experience Christmas blessings and a wonderful New Year.




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  1. Karen and Jim

    Merry Christmas! Your new family farm is a wonderful gift.

  2. jenny goshulak

    Lovely little tree!
    Christmas blessings to all the family.

    Ted and Jenny

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