Straw bale house

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We hear that straw bale houses are very “in” these days so we thought that we’d construct one for our soon-to-arrive goats. Nothing but the best for our 4 nannies and their total of 8 kids!

Next winter we plan to move them into a large hoop house that we are hoping to erect this summer. But in the meantime, they will be living in the lap of luxury in their “cool” straw bale house. Check it out:

High quality rain and wind protection. The sleek design features higher sections of walls which face our prevailing winds. The ultimate “green house,” its walls are made of a renewable resource which can be used as bedding once it is no longer needed in the wall. After that it can be composted. The roof colour is close to that of an aged copper (reminds us of the Empress Hotel in Victoria)


The inside features soft indirect lighting, very good ventilation and luxurious straw flooring laid over a bed of fresh wood chips. This spacious interior provides over 100 square feet of quality living space.


The house is set in a friendly neighbourhood. Already the girls next door have stopped by to check out the new house and to see if anybody was home.

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  1. Christine DeRuiter

    Y’all are having WAAAAYYYY too much fun!

    • BobandSheila

      Corwin and Christine,

      Yes, we are having fun but we haven’t done a post about the new flail mower attachment for the tractor that broke and needs warranty work done (a 2 hour drive away) or about the truck canopy lock that broke and wouldn’t let us open the canopy the evening before we were scheduled to pick up the goats. But I suppose those things are also typical of life on a farm (but not much fun to blog about!)

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