Snow dump

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Earlier this week we were sent a lovely picture of blooming witch hazel from our former yard in Abbotsford, BC. That was about the same time that we were getting here some rather impressive snow squalls that caused white-out conditions (you can see a picture during one of those in Wood heat). Those squalls gave us about 20 cms (8 inches) of snow and I got out and plowed the driveway and shoveled the walks etc.

Then yesterday morning, we woke up to another nearly 25 cms (10 inches) of new snow. It had come quietly in the night and left the landscape quite beautiful.

Even the normally unattractive Virginia juniper (which they call red cedar here) looks quite lovely when covered with snow.
With Andrew and Colleen and family back in BC, we haven’t been using the farm truck. It is 4 wheel drive so can handle the snow quite well but needs better tires for winter, a rather large expense when 4 large tires are involved!
The duck pond, to the right, is nearly filled up with snow.
Our BCS tractor with dozer blade worked very well in the soft snow.
I plowed the driveway as wide as possible to provide room for future snow falls. If we get too much more snow, it may be that the BCS tractor and dozer blade won’t be able to handle it because of the height of the pile on the edge. Then we would need to get a snow blower. But I am hopeful that our current set up will continue to work well.

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