Roof on!

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We saw a great flurry of activity at the house the last few days. Our contractor had told the framers that the roofers were coming Wednesday and they needed to be ready for them or he would replace them with someone else. So a much larger framing crew than normal showed in addition to  the roofers who did show up on schedule. A total of 10 workers each day made it seem like a beehive of activity, compared to the 0 or 2 workers who showed up for the past few weeks.

Making yesterday (Thursday) even more interesting, a big rainstorm was forecast so they worked faster than normal to try to get as much done as possible before the roof got wet. The rain held off until late in the afternoonso they make impressive progress. By today noon Friday, the roof was done!


Some of the flurry of activity on Thursday before the rain storm hit.


Completed roof on the back side.
Completed roof from the front.


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