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It was wonderful this past  Saturday to wake up to rain and then have it coming down on and off all day, sometimes heavily, with lightning and some good cracks of thunder. And then more rain fell yesterday.  In total between the two days we received about 2 inches (50 mm’s). Even though the subsoil is still very dry, the rain  has been enough to make a big difference to plants, animals and people – and is an answer to our prayers (see Praying for rain). The pigs in particular loved the rain and enjoyed splashing around in the mud and rooting around in the rain-moistened soil. But it was funny to watch them rush back to shelter in a panic when a clap of thunder startled them. Sheila and I went out for a walk this evening and the moist earth smelled so good as we went down the road.

The “duck pond,” which has been dry since May, now has at least some water in it.


The dug out in the fields never did go dry and still has about 3 or 4 feet of water in it. The level may have gone up a few inches from the rain storms. In the past week or so a solar panel and pump have finally been installed. The system does a good job of pumping water up and storing it in the 1,000 litre tank on top of the rock pile, with overflow coming back down and aerating the water in the dug out. We are working on getting piping and hoses to the orchard and livestock areas.




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    Good news!! … we could use some as well.

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