Progress on two fronts

another U-Box filled
A loaded U-Box in Abbotsford

While we were busy packing in Abbotsford, our son Jonathan and family are spending the weekend with friends in Prince Edward County.

We were encouraged with how much we got done here, largely due to the help of Bob’s two brothers and their wives. Not only were the workshop and kitchen largely packed up, but we were able to load and take into storage another U-Box. We plan to have the majority of U-Boxes filled next week but wanted to get one filled ourselves with things that we will need in the first few weeks.


front of house with cistern
front of house with cistern

Meanwhile, at Morrison Point, some progress took place this week. It was encouraging to be receiving pictures all day long from Jonathan. As you can see, the builders didn’t get the walls up as hoped for this week but if you look carefully in the photo to the right you might be able to see that framed walls are lying on the floor, hopefully ready to go up this coming week.

They have also done some backfilling and have installed the cistern of the trickle pump system. Our well, which was drilled last summer, is supposed to be fairly good (3.5 gallons per minute) but in dry spells the flow of some wells in our area slows down. In case that happens to our well, the trickle pump will slowly draw on the well to fill up the 1,000 gallon cistern slowly (e.g., overnight) at a slow enough rate that it doesn’t run the well dry. We then are able to use water as needed from the cistern. If our well should happen to go totally dry, the cistern can be filled by water brought in by truck.

Kids and adults seemed to enjoy exploring the house in progress.

house from rear with children
grandchild and friend at the back of the house


inspecting the basement
inspecting the basement





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