Leaving behind our yard in BC

Cedar in back yardI (Bob) used to joke that we couldn’t ever move because I wouldn’t leave behind our big Western Red Cedar. With a circumference of over 180 inches (15 feet), that tree was a little difficult to move so we would have to stay put!

But here we are in the last few weeks of getting ready to move and leave not only the red cedar behind but our whole yard which we have lovingly landscaped for the past 25 years (and which Sheila’s dad had worked on since they moved here in 1967).

How are we handling it? Sometimes it is difficult but other times we think that we are doing fairly well. A few things help:

1. We realize that trees and plants are a beautiful part of creation but they certainly don’t nearly rank as high as the opportunity to live closer to grandchildren!

2. It helps to have a beautiful place to move to on Morrison Point in Prince Edward County (see other posts). In fact, not too far behind our new house site is a large Great Eastern White Pine (pinus strobus). That is one of my favourite types of trees  and it will go a long way  to make up for the loss of the red cedar.

unnamed[1]3. We are ‘cheating’ and bringing to Ontario quite a few of our bonsai and other plants in pots, including divisions of some of our favourites that we think will survive in that climate (which, interestingly, is relatively mild, at least on paper (zone 6b).

4. We hoped and prayed that the people who bought our place would love the yard, would want to care for it and even allow us to help them get acquainted with it. That would make us feel better about leaving it. As it turns out, the new owners, Rudy and Tricia, are keen to work on the yard and so far have come back twice after their offer was accepted to tour it with us. They liked the idea of us drawing up maps of different sections of  the yard with names of the plants on it. So we have done that and now have 5 maps of the various sections accompanies by 11 pages of notes of how to care for them.

So it all helps, even though we know that we will have to start all over again in Ontario.

unnamed[1] (2)

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