Pine trail

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“Access is the most important part of management” I once read. It is true in the case of a pine covered hilly area in the north-west part of the farm. It has been almost impossible to access because of the tall pasture grasses, flowers and wild grape vines making walking difficult.  We don’t have a lot of plans for the sandy area with a large number of young pine trees but Jonathan is hoping to plant a chestnut trees near the pines because they apparently thrive in the same conditions as pine trees grow in.  So, I began pushing and dragging the trusty old lawn mower through that area and after three passes, had something of a passable trail.

2015-08-05 19 49 36
young pine trees thriving in the sandy soil in the northwest part of the property
2015-08-05 19 50 37
weeds, flowers, grasses and grape vines in the moister areas made it tough to get the mower through to cut a trail

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