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Last evening I promised to post a video once YouTube had been able to upload it. That has now happened so here is a little clip of the little pigs enjoying their training pen. Since then they have been given the run of the approximately 1/3 acre paddock and enjoyed sleeping in the bushes rather than on the nice straw bed I made for them under the pine tree and beside their food and mud wallow. The feature image is what I found early this morning before they got up. The goats still seem to find the pigs’ presence to be somewhat troubling and spent the night under a small tree out in the open field part of the pasture.

Here is the video:






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  1. Pascale

    I love their wiggly ears! Wait til I show the kids!!
    The thought of all the goats bolting at a piglet grunt made me laugh. Hopefully they’ll figure out how to live happily with the pigs!

  2. What I really want to see is a video of you trying to throw mud onto the backs of moving targets!

  3. BobandSheila

    Yes, I am sure that would be fun, especially because they now are no longer confined to the little training pen but can run over the 1/3 acre paddock. As a result, not much mud hit their backs today and, despite spending more time in some nice cool woods on this hot day, their sun burns seem to be getting a little worse.

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