Our first winter storm

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Having gloated just a few days ago in our unseasonably warm weather, we have now been hit with our first bit of real winter weather. Not the very coldest, but cold enough, near -10 C. Not the very windiest, but about 60 km/hr, enough to blow furniture around on the deck. Not the most snow, but about 10 cms, blown around in small drifts and then changing to freezing rain, which has been falling much of today.

View this morning from the front porch.


We had to go outside to see the snow because freezing rain had covered the windows with ice.


Our 5 year old grandson was a big help in clearing the snow that blew into the front porch.


…and some of the grand children and Jonathan’s dog enjoyed playing in the snow.


And Andrew, Jonathan and I played with our new “toy;” a BCS walk-behind tractor. More on this multi-purpose farm tractor later but it was important for today that we got a dozer blade with it  that served quite well in plowing the driveway.

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