Our first visitors from BC

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Yesterday (Friday) we welcomed our first visitors from BC! Perhaps Ted could count as a visitor from BC but he was part of the move across the country. But on Friday Karen and Jim from Abbotsford paid us a very welcome visit. They had already done some sight-seeing in the County and we took them on a tour of the property.

Karen and Sheila had worked together at the Society of Christian Schools in BC for many years. In addition, it should be noted that Karen is the person most responsible to help get us going on this blog. Not only did she encourage us to chronicle our move to Ontario and the experiences of starting a multi-generational farm, but she spent several evenings with us setting it up and giving us lessons how to do it. She spent a lot more time fine-tuning things. So thank you, Karen! Without an encouraging expert like you backing us,  we wouldn’t have attempted this.  And thanks to both of you for coming to visit.


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  1. It was so good to see you both and to tour your acreage and your building site. What a beautiful spot! Although I lived in Ontario for over thirty years, I had never seen Prince Edward County before. So much history. So much space. This blog is great way to share your experience with the world, and I’m glad I was able to facilitate that.

  2. What a wonderful property. So much potential and fantastic location so close to the water. It was a great visit and tour of your house project. We both left well fed and excited for the two of you. Thank you for having us as visitors.

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