Our 100 metre diet

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We have not consciously followed the 100 mile diet but have been pleased this Fall how often we have had a “100 metre diet.” A number of our meals have come partly or mostly from our farm and garden.

The other day, for example, we noticed that the four main items on our plates  – porks chops, squash, potatoes and cabbage for the salad – had all come from our land.



We were expecting to have our own meat and eggs this Fall and have really enjoyed them. Both the eggs and pork have been wonderful! But we were not expecting many vegetables. We were so overwhelmed with looking after animals and getting other aspects of the farm and home going this spring that we did not get much garden planted.  Then the serious drought that we experienced this summer caused even the little bit that we had planted to struggle. However, the rains that came later in August and September were enough to get the potatoes and cabbages growing. The Fall weather since then has been mild enough to allow some to mature and so we have been blessed with a bit of a harvest after all.

Already we are looking forward to next growing season and hope to be much better prepared!

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