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We were very interested to learn this past week that Google Maps has used newer satellite photos for our area and that some of the changes which took place on our land show up!


Screenshot (10)
The house site taken sometime between August 21, 2015 (when the roof was finished) and September 5, 2015 when I burnt much of the field in front of the house in my infamous grass fire. These screen shots show up much more clearly if you double click them.


Screenshot (7)
What kind of aliens make patterns like that on the land? Actually, it is our fruit and nut orchard. The lines are the newly mowed trails. Since then some widening and straightening has occurred and more have been added, but the basic pattern has been set. If you look closely, you can see squares of black plastic that have been put down to suppress grass and weeds in preparation for new plantings.


The pine-chestnut area. Since then the number of plantings and the length of trails have more than doubled.


You don’t need to rely on our screen shots of the Google Maps. See for yourself. Just look for 573 Morrison Point Road, Prince Edward, ON,  and you will see our house site as of late this summer. You can then move back from there and explore the land as well. The outline of our 60 acres shows up fairly clearly. Enjoy!

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  1. Happy New Year in your new home, new Province, new life…..what a lot of firsts you will both
    be able to record in 2016.

    The images of your tree planting/mowing activities do resemble crop circles. I have been reading
    on permaculture food forests of late and if I am able to buy a few acres am very interested in
    planting fruit and nut trees too.

    Its great to get all your information, here in Nanoose Bay it has been raining most days.


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