New Products!

You might notice that we have updated the Home page and added new pages for new products now for sale from the farm: honey and goat meat. Many of our subscribers live too far away to take advantage of these but we thought that you might be interested. We also have eggs for sale but usually sell out of those quite quickly so aren’t advertising them at this point. We soon will be taking orders for our pastured pork, fattened on County apples, dairy and corn, but it is a bit premature to put up that page.

We have been encouraged with the amount of interest in our products thus far. Andrew’s woodcuts have been a big hit at the Local Store and Torild’s Barn and he is having difficulty keeping up with the demand. Most of the meat from our first two goats has already been sold through The Local Food Shop and several people have sought us out to tell us how much they have enjoyed it. Andrew’s honey has just hit the market but is starting to sell well.

honey jars
Honey just harvested in early August.


Winter view of Torild’s Barn, just across the road from our house. In the summer, it is open to the public on Saturdays and displays the work of a number of local artisans. Andrew’s woodcuts and honey, Colleen’s soaps and lotion and Sheila’s cards are sold in it as well as at the very busy Local Store between Bloomfield and West Lake.

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  1. Wow, not just farming, but family entrepeneurship!! (not bad for a bunch of academics :))
    How are you feeling Bob? And what colour did you all pick for the door?

  2. BobandSheila

    I am feeling 100% now, thank you Janette and everyone who prayed for my recovery. As for colour, the advice was so overwhelmingly in favour of dark red that Sheila is off to the paint store today to explore that option. I am quite happy about that b/c dark red was initially my favourite. But the idea of plum is very interesting……..

  3. Margaret DeBoer

    Happy to hear you are feeling much better; many people have been praying for you. Reading your blog, you will be busy this summer. Blessings to all of you, Margaret.

  4. Elsabé de Villiers

    Hi, I am looking for a piece of beeswax with propolis in. While in South Africa, I bought a small jar of beeswax with propolis (and jojoba) and I used it for some kind of dermatitis. A friend has used it successfully on a burn wound, after trying other treatments. My jar is about to run out. It is probably 50ml or less. Do you have a small amount to sell to me? I would like to experiment with it 🙂

    • BobandSheila

      Hi Elsabe’ Good to hear from you! I will forward this in an email to Andrew, our beekeeper. Hopefully he will be able to get back to you shortly.

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