My new Ferrari

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Yes, I am the proud owner of a new Ferrari. It is NOT because farming is lucrative! Neither is it because I always wanted a sports car. Instead, it is because we decided that we needed a snow blower attachment for our Italian-made BCS walk-behind tractor and the company that manufactures the snow blowers for BCS  is Ferrari. So, yes, I do own a Ferrari but, no, it is not a hot sports car that can burn up the track but it sure can throw a nice plume of snow!


I have only used it once so far this winter; on a snow fall of about 4 inches. That did not give it a real work out but I was very impressed how it cut through the heap of icy, heavy snow that the snow plow put up at the end of our driveway. Thus far our winter has been colder with more snow than last winter but, overall, not as cold and snowy as that on the West Coast the past few weeks. That will likely change next week when more cold weather is forecast here and the West Coast reverts back to its usual mild, wet weather.


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  1. Well, it might not be a sports car, but the tractor is red!
    Wish I could borrow that unit for here!!
    Merry Christmas to both of you.

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