Morrison Point in bloom

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We’re back after two weeks of frustrating technical problems which would not allow us to post photos. Sheila seems to have solved the problem today so we can start posting again. Lots has been happening with the farm with: chickens, chicks, goats and now piglets. We’ll post more about those in days to come.

Today we want to show some of the flowers on our road over the past month or so. After a mild winter, we had a cold, slow spring but finally in April Daffodils and small bulbs such as Siberian Scilla began blooming and then in May the Trilliums and Lilac have been putting on a real show. Here are a few pictures:


daffodils on Morrison Point Rd
We knew that Morrison Point Road was well known for Lilacs but were surprised with the number of Daffodils that came up along the road in April.


Vowinkels mixed bulbs
A number of bulbs – Scilla, Chiondoxa, Daffodils – blooming in April on a large property about a kilometre down the road from us. They also have acres of daffodils. The owner generously invited us to walk the property any time and to take some clumps of the smaller bulbs for our yard, which we gladly did.
In May the native trilliums began emerging. They can be found in many places but we have a very large mass of them in one area of the property. We really enjoyed the Trilliums in BC but the Trilliums in Ontario (trillium grandiflorum) are slightly larger and more robust. Ontario did well to choose them as the provincial flower.


Lilac and wall
Right now the Lilacs are stealing the show almost everywhere in Prince Edward County. When the breezes are warm, their sweet fragrance fills the air. This is the clump featured on many County tourism publications but is viewed from our side of the stone wall.







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  1. Jonathan

    Flowers are nice… but let’s see the pigs!

  2. jenny goshulak

    How lovely..and even more so following a long winter!

    I have been walking around singing Old McDonald had a Farm…and substituting OHHH, Bob and Sheila had a Farm!


  3. How beautiful it is! I can imagine the lilac-scented air too. Glad you’re back posting again. We missed you.

  4. Margaret DeBoer

    Missed your blogs. All those flowers should remind you of B.C. I can see you have been very busy

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