Lyme disease strikes

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I try to do a little each day but feel so weak and sore that this (and lying down) is my most common position. The family has been great in helping with animal chores


It is sweltering hot outside but I am bundled up inside, shivering with cold. Since Monday I have been experiencing flu-like symptoms such as fever, body aches and general weakness. But unlike a normal bout of the flu, these symptoms have been getting worse and I lay in bed all of last night, bathed in sweat, despite the air-conditioning going full-blast.

Sheila was worried that I might have Lyme disease (aka Lymes disease) (see last summer’s post Ticked!) and said that I should call the doctor but I thought I must be a wimp who couldn’t get over the flu. Several grandchildren had the flu earlier in the week but bounced back in a day or two and I was going to defeat it too!

This morning, however, I showed Sheila a red circle which was developing on the skin of my inner thigh (no pictures….please!!) She said “You need to call the doctor’s office as soon as it opens this morning!” So I did and sheepishly explained my symptoms. Doctors are so busy in the County that it is difficult to get an appointment. But as soon as I finished, the receptionist said “How soon can you get here?”

At the office my story was listened to and as soon as they saw the red circle on my skin both the nurse practitioner and the doctor said that it looked like Lyme disease and that I should start treatment right away and also get a blood test. So off to the medical lab and the pharmacist I went.

It is wonderful that the medical profession here in the County is taking this disease so seriously now. We know a woman who lives not too far from us who was not diagnosed with Lyme disease years ago and is still very sick some of the time. She walks with a cane and often can’t do her work. The medical people feel that my case is new enough that 10 days of anti-biotics (Doxy) should be enough.

I never did see the tick that must have been the culprit. Yet I diligently check myself each day and the inner thigh is not a particularly hidden spot. It must have been a nymph tick which are apparently the size of this period. So extra vigilance is the new watch word. Fire up the tick war room!

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  1. Mike & Ruth

    Oh boy! Sure glad you caught it quickly and the doctor started treatment right away!
    Praying for a quick and complete recovery!

  2. Ted Goshulak

    Take it easy Bob! Sorry to hear that the ticks are already zeroing in on the BC newbies …

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that a tick got you, but thankful that your treatment will have started soon enough to defeat the effects. Get well soon!

  4. jenny goshulak

    Praying the meds work effectively and quickly…Good to see that your sense of humor hasn’t been affected!

    Sheila, good luck with a determined patient!

    Blessings and love from us both

  5. Margie Sargent

    Bob, we were so sorry to hear about how sick you are, but thankful that you have been able to get treatment. We are praying for a quick and full recovery. We trust that God will give you all grace and the help you need to get through this.

  6. Monika Hilder

    Bob, we are so sorry and are praying for you and Sheila! How good that this has been diagnosed early. I hope you can take probiotics along with the antibiotics you need. Keep fighting and we are all praying for a thorough recovery–and great grace in it all!

  7. BobandSheila

    Thanks, everyone! Yesterday was a challenge but I am starting to feel much better already today.

  8. Leslie & Kevin

    Just reading this … so sorry Bob but very thankful it was diagnosed so quickly.
    We’ll be praying for an even quicker recovery.

  9. Brother Jim

    Bob, glad to hear you’re feeling somewhat better; take care!

  10. Oh no! Sorry to hear this, Bob. Praying for a full and quick recovery.

  11. Bob, you take care and listen!!! to your faithful nursemate, Sheila, no matter what you think. We’ll be praying for your full recovery.

  12. Margaret DeBoer

    So sorry to hear you are not well, but thankful that you got to it early. You are in Good Hands. I agree, be sure to take Acidophilus! Be well soon.

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