As of Sept 28, 2020 all does, doelings and bucks have been sold. We do not expect to have more until 2022

Goats are excellent for:

  • brush control. They love to eat invasives such as red cedar (virginia juniper), buckthorn, prickly ash and multi-flora rose. Some cattle ranchers have added goats to their pastures and have found that because goats will eat what cattle won’t, over time more forage is available for the cattle.
  • companions for other animals such as horses.
  • meat production. Goat meat is gaining in popularity and is very nutritious. (see “Goat Meat” page)


Sales will include, if desired, free consultations on goat raising and free loan of a buck in the fall for breeding purposes.

Contact: Bob at:

Excellent brush control!


Handsome young buck ready to join the does!


One of the does sold in 2020


One of the doelings sold in 2020