House work goes inside

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The appearance of the outside of the house hasn’t changed much since the roof went on and the windows went in (see Windows going in and Roof on!) The framers’ work passed inspection by the County building inspector. We are waiting for several windows to be replaced that were ordered the wrong size. The siding guy stopped by to take a look and said that he would be coming after completing several other jobs.

Inside, however, work is gearing up for a number of trades. The kitchen guy came  to take measurements and he put markings on the floor and wall for the electrician. The stair guy was in taking measurements. Today the plumbers arrived with a great deal of energy and completed the first phase of their work. They were entertaining, to say the least. I was working more than 100 feet away from the house cutting wood but could hear them singing at the top of their lungs along with the radio (guys in their 20’s singing to music from the ’60’s and 70’s!) and shouting excitedly to mark their progress.

2015-09-03 15 38 57
Back side of the house. Not much is happening outside the house these days but things are gearing up inside.
2015-09-03 15 41 14
The kitchen. Basic plumbing is in and the kitchen guy has made his detailed measurements and put marks on the floor and walls for the electrician. If you click on the the picture (or tap) to enlarge it you probably can see the outline of the island in the centre of the floor.
2015-09-03 15 43 26
Some fixtures were put in today. This is the guest bathroom upstairs.
2015-09-03 15 45 34
The plumbers working in the basement. The boisterous enthusiasm of the two younger ones, (centre rear and left) provided entertainment throughout the hot and humid day.


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