Honey and Tomatoes

Are these two things, honey and tomatoes, connected?

They were this past weekend. Here is the story: The Black River/Morrison Point Road area is becoming quite well known in the County partly because of Vicki’s Veggies which is about 2 kms down the road from our place. Vicki and her husband, Tim, raise organic vegetables on about 20 acres and have become quite well known in some big Toronto farmers’ markets and they also sell a lot of vegetables in a little heritage store on Morrison Point Road. They hire 8 full time workers each season and also have a number of volunteers from all over join them each year.

Vicki’s biggest events each year are her tomato seedling sale on the May long weekend and her tomato tasting and harvest festival on the Labour Day weekend in September. This year she grew 170 different varieties of tomatoes, most of which were available for tasting and purchase this past weekend. She invites a number of other food and craft vendors to join them for the weekend helping the event to take on quite a  festive atmosphere and several thousand people descend on our quiet Morrison Point Road to join in the celebration.

The connection with honey comes from the fact that Vicki invited Andrew to join the vendors at the tomato tasting event this past weekend and sell honey. She had already begun to carry his honey in her store and it was wonderful for Andrew’s bee business to have exposure to the big crowds coming to the tomato tasting weekend. He and Colleen put together an attractive little display and, despite the fact that tomatoes were uppermost on peoples’ minds, they sold a reasonable amount of good, pure Morrison Point Farm honey. Equally important, he made a number of very good contacts including someone who offered him a bee yard in a desirable area. It is good to see their business developing!

Some of the 170 varieties of tomatoes grown at Vicki’s Veggies. I found it hard to believe the range of colours; from pale yellow to almost black.


The crowds seemed to part to allow me to take this picture but this was usually a very popular place.
Andrew and Colleen’s honey display. We also had a note on the table announcing that we would soon have pastured pork available and some interest was shown in that.
The farm name on a piece of red cedar (actually Virginia juniper). Despite the name on this blog, we have decided on the name “Morrison Point Farm” because that is such a well known name in these parts. “Burkinshaw” is not such a well known name at this point!



















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  1. I love following along!
    One question: how did you get the lettering done on the “Morrison Point Farm” sign? I quite like it!

  2. BobandSheila

    Thanks, Grant. It is good to have you following along!
    Re the sign. Sheila cut the stencil with her Sillouette Cameo (an electronic paper cutting machine), using a font from its software. Colleen then used acrylic paint to stencil it on to the board. If you would like more details, you can email me on my twu.ca account and Sheila can provide them.

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