Great Expectations

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Yes, we are expecting. At least we are expecting that our goats will be having kids in the next few weeks. The buck was with the does for about a month beginning in the third week of September and the gestation period is usually 150 days, or between 145 and 155 days (see October Races By.) That would put their due dates anywhere between Feb 13 and about March 25. Most of them are showing signs of being pregnant but it is difficult to tell with several of them. We don’t know if that is because they are among those does who keep their “girlish” figure right until delivery or if they were bred late in the buck’s time on our farm or if they are not bred at all. But four of our seven does and doelings definitely show all the signs, especially the swelling abdomen and udder, and several look like they could go into labour sooner rather than later.


You can see some swelling abdomens in these three goats, especially “Pinto” in the middle and “Bossy” on the right.


Our books assure us that goats usually deliver their kids trouble-free without the need of human intervention. We certainly hope that our does have read the same books that we have! Nevertheless, we are putting together a kit of birthing supplies which includes things like a nipple and bottle, feeding tube, shoulder length rubber gloves, iodine and sincerely hope that we don’t have to use most of them.

We will post pictures and details when our expectations have been realized.



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  1. oh my, shoulder-length rubber gloves! I wish I could be there to see you use those!!!! All kidding aside, don’t let them get your goat: easy does it when the time comes!

  2. Hey Bob, when I was a Kid (lol) I had goats, we never needed to assist birthing except sometimes the Kid was out but they were in thier own birthing sack which I had to break open for the mother. I didn’t know why that was sometimes but that was all I watched for so good luck, I’m jealous of you sometimes but glad you are sharing!

  3. BobandSheila

    Thanks for the encouragement, Corwin. We were thinking that we should sell high-priced tickets to Janette for her to come and watch the fun but I like your scenario much better!

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