Goats at work and play

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Despite no longer having pigs, life has been so busy these late Spring/early Summer days that we haven’t updated the blog for a while. Here are a couple of little videos of our goats at work and at play. We are enjoying having them and are starting to worry ourselves a bit by catching ourselves referring to them sometimes as “our children.”

Here they are working hard for us. One of their major jobs is helping keep the bushes from taking over our pastures which had been neglected for many years. The don’t eliminate the bushes and trees but they certainly are eager to keep their growth in check. The bushes and lower branches of trees are soon stripped but they always come back. This year, because of all the rain, they are growing back faster than ever.

But it is not all work with these goats! The kids are growing rapidly but love playing around with each other. Notice that the nursing nanny couldn’t help herself but seems to jump into the fray! Sometimes Sheila wonders why I take so long feeding the goats but when they start playing like this, it is hard not to stop and watch for a while.



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  1. Margaret De Boer

    Hi, Bob & Sheila, I just found your blog again; haven’t been able to follow it for quite a while. Hope you are all doing well. Interesting to read about the kids and the piglets. I read Andrew and Colleen are doing well with the bees. It reminded me so much of Bill. I am doing great, enjoy being retired and keeping in touch with kids and grandkids. I wish all God’s blessings, enjoy the nice summer.

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