(October 15, 2022). Orders now being taken for whole young male goats, 9-10 months old; $9.50 per pound hanging weight (typically 35-45 lbs) (includes cutting and wrapping. Will be available late winter, 2023.

In the Spring of 2023 we will have live does, doelings and bucklings for sale. Please see “Live Goats for Sale” page for updates.

To order or for more information: contact Bob at robert.burkinshaw@gmail.com or call or text or call 343-263-3312



The most widely eaten meat in the world! Low in saturated fats and cholesterol and high in protein and iron.

Our goats are naturally raised on pasture, bush and very small amounts of grain. Free of antibiotics. They are rotated to new paddocks of pasture and bush every few days. Experienced consumers say our goat meat is much milder and more tender than goat meat that they are used to eating.


Our goats are out of doors every day, enjoying bushes, weeds and grass. They are rotated to a new paddock every few days to ensure a fresh diet and to maximize benefit to the pasture and soil.