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Sheila has become quite interested in looking for fossils in the past few years. In fact, she had been hoping that we could travel to Vancouver Island this spring to look for some. But the move consumed all of our time and we couldn’t go. So it was more than a little interesting to learn that the limestone rock in our area contains many fossils. We have found quite a few in the rocks around the excavation for our house. Perhaps we will post some photos of them someday.

We also learned that the Little Oaks Bluff Conservation Area, about 15 minutes away by car, is also a good place to look for them. It is also has a beautiful beach and cliff area.

2015-07-23 19 27 45
the beach and cliff at Little Oak bluff. Sheila is combing the beach for fossils.


2015-07-23 19 15 45
the beach. The stones are worn limestone.

And making its second appearance on this blog, a lovely cliff top oak tree.

2015-07-20 14 35 39
does anyone remember which other post included this same oak tree?

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  1. I do! I do! (I can never resist a good challenge.)
    What I really want to say is that I spent many hour searching for fossils when I was growing up in Ontario. My mother was an enthusiast. Happy hunting, Sheila.

  2. Jonathan

    Mom was always the best at finding agates, too. 🙂

  3. Sara Pearson

    Somehow hunting for fossils on my birthday seems strangely appropriate…

    I loved reading your blog (Ted put us onto it), and look forward to future posts.

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