First farm animals

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We were surprised by Jonathan and family’s gift of our first farm animals. They were given two little Cayuga ducks from a farm because they were deemed not suitable: Forrest, the larger duck is lame and Helen seems to be blind. Both are quite young and still at the endearing ‘peeping’ stage. Even though Forrest is only a few weeks older than Helen, s/he acts like a parent for the blind little duck. Jonathan’s family fell in love with them and they worked hard all the week of their vacation at the cottage to build a stronger, larger cage after Forrest was injured by a raccoon early in the week.

We would not have been prepared for any animals the first few months but the cage is complete (and has withstood further raccoon attacks) and there is a good supply of food and necessary equipment. We are enjoying our first “farm” animals.



Forrest (right) and Helen (left) in their protected run.
Forrest (right) and Helen (left) in their protected run.

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  1. What a delight it’s been to follow your travels to Prince Edward County. We’re thankful that everyone arrived safely. Many blessings as you settle into your new home and community – what an idyllic, peaceful and beautiful place to be!

  2. BobandSheila

    Thank you, Jean. Andrew left today so Sheila and I are on our own now. Lots to learn and lots to do and lots of new things to get used to but it is good!

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