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It has been great to watch the enthusiasm with which our two Toronto grandchildren have taken to the farm life that is developing on our Ontario property. Our BC grandchildren, on the other hand, have been living on my sister’s farm in Chilliwack for the past 1 1/2 years and are already seasoned farm kids. While staying with them for a couple of days during my current work-related BC trip, I have been struck by their level of comfort around the farm animals. When they move to the farm in Ontario (planned for this coming Spring), we expect that they will settle into farm life rather comfortably.

2015-09-24 20.43.51
The twins take do some feeding of the ducks and chickens. Maya has just given them some feed.


2015-09-24 20.46.31
Meanwhile, Elise, picked up a duck and gently cuddled it.
2015-09-24 20.48.11
2 year old Isaac picked up a chicken with great enthusiasm and with less of a gentle touch than did his older sister. But you can rest assured that no animals were injured or otherwise harmed in the creation of this blog post.


2015-09-24 20.47.42
Lucas hasn’t yet demonstrated his prowess with farm animals but he is an otherwise great little guy.

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  1. These pictures really capture the comfort level that these kids have with farm animals! During our last visit, I quickly learned that I have “city-kids” as they watched everything happen from a safe distance. 🙂

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