Dodged a bullet!

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They were forecasting another big winter storm for yesterday and today. Not quite the 40+ centimetres that we got two weeks ago but a lot of snow and freezing rain. It was supposed to start yesterday afternoon so I was planning to plow the driveway before it got dark.  I didn’t want the snow to get ahead of me as it did in the previous big storm. We didn’t  want to have to cancel an appointment again (see Snowed in!) and I certainly didn’t want locals to think that the new people from BC are helpless in an Ontario winter!

It didn’t start snowing yesterday before dark but I made sure that the tractor, the plow and I  were all ready to do battle at first light this morning. We woke up to news that some parts of southern Ontario had received enough snow to force the cancelation of school buses and some events. But in this particular snowbelt we had…………..nothing! Well, almost nothing. If you looked very carefully you could see just a tiny skiff of new snow. But that was it. It was cold but no snow or freezing rain. We dodged the bullet The tractor and plow could stay in the garage and I could get busy and grade some papers and cut some more firewood instead of trying to clear the driveway.

Instead of the predicted mess of snow and freezing rain, we woke up this morning to mostly clear skies and virtually no new snow. The driveway was in great shape!



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  1. Ted Goshulak

    Yeah! … Way to keep up the BC side.

  2. Margie Sargent

    Thanks for the update. That is a beautiful picture of your home!

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