Details and progress

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We’re not sure if everyone is interested in seeing more about the details and progress of the house construction but we know that some of you are so here are a few pictures and a bit more about the basic layout of the house.

From the front, south-west side. The area over the garage has a plywood floor and windows front and back but is a “future development” area.
From the front, south-east side. There will be a covered porch on the right hand side (the sliding glass door will lead to it from the dining room)
The duct work for heating and cooling is almost complete. There will be a propane furnace (no natural gas out in the country here) but we were encouraged to hear from the guy installing it that the wood stove that will be installed between the living room and dining room should be quite effective at keeping all of the house reasonably warm. That is because of our open plan and open stairwell, along with the location of air returns that will allow the furnace fan to move the warm air around.
The open stair well between the two floors has been started. The landing is about in the middle of the picture. We are pleased that the sunlight from the large south-facing windows on the second floor comes down the stair well and lights up the kitchen area (which is north and east facing).


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