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When one asks for advice, it seems wise to report back on the eventual decision. We had a lot of fun a few weeks ago with all the comments received in response to our request for advice on the colour to paint our front door (see Colour advice?) The number of comments was the highest that we have received on any post, which was a surprise, and we were also quite surprised how strongly the opinion ran in favour of painting the door dark red. I must confess that that was my favourite option from the beginning so was rather pleased to see the flood of “votes” in favour of dark red coming in.

Sheila had liked the gold yellow option but felt that she couldn’t stand up against the tide of opinion in favour of dark red. So she went to the various paint stores (actually, we only have two options in our small town and that is double what was available up until a few months ago) to pick up paint chips. As we looked through the various reds available and as we put them against our siding and as we looked at the various colours in our new landscaping, our preference shifted a little. We began adding a bit of bluer tone to the red but thought that it was still in the “dark red” range. However, once painted, it appears that we might have ended up with some variation of purple (or is that plum, Nina?)

Sheila ended up painting it herself – all four coats – and here is the result. Hopefully you’ll agree that the colour does justice to the house. And thank you again for all of your advice!

Is it a version of dark red? Purple? Plum?


Sheila really didn’t want a purple door (again). She remembers the poem her mother used to quote “When I am old, I shall wear purple.” She says that if there are enough votes to change it to dark red, she will paint it again!


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  1. Looks lovely!!

  2. There you go — exactly what I had in mind. Goes so well with the blue!!

  3. the door is beautiful!! You could call it “wine”, “burgundy”, “claret” but NOT purple: you’re safe Sheila! I think it compliments the house colour perfectly, and it certainly draws the eye, like an invitation to explore what’s inside!

  4. It’s perfect! Adding some blue shows great colour instincts. I wouldn’t call that purple – go with one of Janette’s suggestions for sure.

  5. jenny goshulak

    Thanks for the report back! I really like the color you have chosen..all 4 coats. Looks perfect with the other house color beautifully..and I would not consider it purple!


  6. Looks very nice!! I love the rock around the flower gardens in the front, and your whole house looks great. Dave & Wendy

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