Building a new life in the County

Andrew’s honey stand at a sale this summer


Andrew does not care much for promotion so was reluctant to be interviewed by a Prince Edward County staff member who wanted to feature him in a County promotional website designed to attract younger entrepeneurs to the County. The staff member had met Andrew at a weekend sale where he was selling honey and thought that his and Colleen’s story would be good for the County’s popular Build a New Life website.

Finally, Andrew agreed and the story appeared a few months ago. We thought it was rather good, even if a few points could be debated, but Andrew was embarrassed by it. So I thought that he would not want us to put the link on the blog but was pleased and surprised when he agreed today.

So, here it is:

On another matter, something seems to have gone wrong when I published the last blog post and the regular email notifications were not sent. I don’t know what was wrong but hopefully the problem won’t be repeated with this post. If you are interested in the last one, about our animals in the winter, please see Winter Accomodation .

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  1. Great article Andrew! It gives us back over here, a clearer picture of what is going on with you guys. Sounds like things are going well with all the animals and the honey. Give hugs to Colleen and the kids.
    The big man, the 5 girls…and the mum. 🙂

  2. Way to go Andrew and Coleen. Burkinshaw guys are mighty sharp.

  3. I love the write-up about Andrew (and Colleen!). Humble and modest, as he is. It is wonderful to see how things are progressing for all of you.
    I’m glad to hear that the “Lyme” visitor may be gone for good!
    Take care, and happy New Year to you all.
    Janette (and Dan)

  4. Enjoyed the article. Looking forward to making the trip for a visit sometime. Happy New Year!! Wendy

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