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It is going to be very quiet around here for about four months. Andrew, Colleen and their four children have now arrived back in BC after being at their cottage, which is adjacent to the far end of the farm, since late November. They made good progress on projects in the cottage and on getting ready to keep bees and do other farming here. They also were a big help to us as we worked on getting settled in our house. They plan to wrap things up in the Fraser Valley over the next months, especially with Andrew’s bee business, and make the big move here in May. We’ll miss them over the winter but look forward to their return in the Spring.

Lucas is now over four months old and a wonderful baby. He does take on a worried expression, however, when he looks at his grandpa!


Isaac, aka “Zack,” is now 2 1/2 and talking a lot, exploring with enthusiasm and getting into anything that he can.



5 year old twins Maya and Elise loved spending time with Grandma


The kids (and Andrew) took to the winter weather with enthusiasm and enjoyed playing on our “duck pond” at the front of the house after it froze over.


Andrew and Colleen’s cottage, with the help of a plumber friend, is now winterized. As it will becoming a year round residence, this should be the last time that all the plumbing needs to be drained and have anti-freeze flushed through it.


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  1. jenny goshulak

    Great set of photos… Loved seeing the kids and the frozen duck pond..Hope you adjust to the quiet!


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