New season honey

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Andrew has been busy the past week harvesting a good crop of honey. We have always enjoyed his honey but I think that this year’s is the best yet! The flavor of some of it is lighter and more fruity, probably because of … Continued

Our new Canadian

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Colleen has been a little busy these days! In addition to looking after five young children, working some nursing shifts at McFarland Home in Picton, doing farm and garden chores, helping Andrew with honey sales, volunteering at church and being hospitable to a … Continued

Pigs no more

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In life, and especially on a farm, things don’t always turn out as planned. Here is such a story: After much searching to find available weaner pigs (little pigs that have been recently weaned), I finally brought home seven bright … Continued

Goats’ new toy

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Spring seems to be fully here now and the goats and chickens are enjoying being out on the grass. They are currently on the pasture near the house and attracting a fair bit of attention from people walking or driving … Continued

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