Alberta Farm Tour

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Perhaps just a bit of liberty has been taken in the title of this post. I am staying for a couple of days at my sister’s small family farm in Alberta, outside of Stony Plain (near Edmonton), while on my way to BC for a work-related meeting. The main purpose is to visit with the family and my mother who lives with them but they do raise goats and chickens so I am taking the opportunity to learn from their years of experience.

2015-09-22 17.49.37
Nephews Matthew and Ben with some of the goats in the background. Weather is much cooler here with a number frosts in the past week or so.
2015-09-22 17.59.41
The goats are a Nubian-Boer cross. Both are meat breeds;, the Nubians are their preferred breed because of their personality but the Boers have been added to increase size.


2015-09-22 18.03.11
The family raises Isa Brown laying chickens. There is a strong demand for the eggs because they are pasture raised and fed organic feeds.

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