A surprise bonus

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We received a bonus from the forest today. We had heard about people eating wild mushrooms and fungi but never tried it ourselves. But when we saw a number of beautiful white giant puffballs (calvatia gigantea) on our property over the past few weeks and learned that they are good to eat, we decided to try one. Here is the photo record:

The giant puffball (calvatia gigantean) lying on the forest floor near the pathway. They grow rapidly in late summer/early Fall and are edible only when immature and white in colour. In a few weeks, this one will be brown and ‘puffy’ with billions of spores.
Sheila holding it in the kitchen. It was close to the size of a volleyball. We have seen some quite a bit smaller and have read that some can grow to be more than double this size.
Our neighbour, Jim, cutting it. We took it over to their place because they are experienced with eating these.
Still perfectly white in the centre which means that it is good to eat. We gave half to our neighbours, Jim and Cea, and took the other half home to cook.
We followed instructions, cutting it, dipping in an egg mixture and coating with corn meal and frying.
The results were delicious. It had a delicate mushroom flavour and the texture was something like a marshmallow (not toasted). We will try more of these bonuses from the land!




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