• Queen Anne's Lace at Dusk

New season honey

Andrew has been busy the past week harvesting a good crop of honey. We have always enjoyed his honey but I think that this year’s is the best yet! The flavor of some of it is... Read more

After the Storm

Several of you in BC asked how we did during the big ice storm of the past weekend. It was a wicked three days of weather with high temperatures staying well below freezing the whole... Read more

Goat kids 2018

How do you end a long period of silence on your farm blog? Post a video of goat kids playing!! So that’s what I’m doing here. I hope you enjoy it as much as we... Read more

Goats at work and play

Despite no longer having pigs, life has been so busy these late Spring/early Summer days that we haven’t updated the blog for a while. Here are a couple of little videos of our... Read more

Pigs no more

In life, and especially on a farm, things don’t always turn out as planned. Here is such a story: After much searching to find available weaner pigs (little pigs that have been recently... Read more

No drought now!

We have been asked if the floods in Ontario & Quebec are affecting us. The answer is “yes” and “no.” “No”‘ because there are no raging rivers rushing into homes and properties here but... Read more

Goats’ new toy

Spring seems to be fully here now and the goats and chickens are enjoying being out on the grass. They are currently on the pasture near the house and attracting a fair bit... Read more