Welcome, Baby Boy!

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We interrupt these series on farming plans and house construction to announce the birth of a new grandson! Born today to Andrew and Colleen, their fourth child and second son and our sixth grandchild. We are told that mother and baby are both doing well. He has no name yet, but we are delighted to say “Welcome, little boy!”

We miss being able to be with them in BC and look forward to the time when they will be living here.

just born today
With big brother, two year old Isaac
The twin girls join in the welcome.
The whole family

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  1. Congratulations! What delightful addition to a beautiful family.

  2. Margaret DeBoer

    Congratulations to Andrew & Colleen and also to the grandparents, Bob & Sheila! I wish them well.

  3. jenny goshulak

    Congratulations to the whole family!
    What great photos of the family!

    Praying for you all


  4. Margaret DeBoer

    I was at the hospital to see the specialist for my seven week check up and was getting a coffee when I bumped into Andrew. I put some more money in the meter and went up to see your new grandson! I held him and was thinking about both of you. He is just beautiful! Congratulations and I hope you get to see him soon.

  5. BobandSheila

    Thank you, Margaret, for giving our grandson a “grandparent” cuddle. It is difficult not being able to do it ourselves right now but it is good to know that you were able to do that.

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