Update. 10 out of 10!

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The girls must have heard about the last post (see 9 out of 10) and decided to do something about it. By 9 a.m. today they had already produced 9 eggs, which now seems to have become a standard number per day for them.  But at 5:30 this afternoon I noticed one of them in a nest box and, sure enough, shortly thereafter egg number 10 was in the box. 100% production for the day!

That is a lot of work for these girls. I read recently that producing an egg every day is something similar, in terms of nutritional demands, to a woman having a baby every week. Whether or not that is true, we are impressed.

In addition, the eggs are getting larger. Yesterday, we had our first double-yoke egg.

2015-09-08 11 21 09
Our first double-yoke egg. I had thought only mature hens laid them but one of ours has done it at 21 weeks.


It is a lot of energy to produce eggs, so they are busy foraging for food.


Sheila wondered about the wisdom of yet another post on our girls but I thought it was wise to do this one now before the poor girls get forgotten in the excitement of our goats arriving. We received a call this evening that we will be able to pick them up in the next few days.


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  1. jenny goshulak

    Bring on the goats…but our warmest congratulations to the girls..and their next of kin!

  2. Ted Goshulak

    Bob: what breed of goats did you decide on?

  3. BobandSheila

    Ted: The nannies are Boer, the most common meat goat around. Their kids are Boer-Kiko cross. Kiko is a newer breed from the mountains of New Zealand that is considered superior for being self-sufficient outside. We don’t feel ready for milk goats at this point but Colleen seems interested to have one or more. We’ll see how things develop……

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