Torild’s Barn

We are happy to be participating in a neighbourhood venture called Torild’s Barn. Torild is our neighbour from across the road and she and her husband Mustafa have spent the past 14 years restoring the nineteenth century barn on their property. We have included photos of the picturesque barn through the seasons in several entries in this blog (e.g. see Winter Dawn or Distracting the Painters or View Property?)

Every Saturday from the May long weekend until Thanksgiving it displays the work of local artisans. Andrew’s woodcuts are in it as are Colleen’s soap and lotion and Sheila’s cards. Torild does wool spinning and various forms of fibre arts as well as painting. Several other neighbours display their work as well.

Torild's barn from upper level
The inside of Torild’s barn taken from a small upper loft that serves as a childrens’ play area. The beam running across the top of the picture is a massive, hand hewn piece of wood that still shows the marks of the axes used to hew it.
Torild's barn, woodcut corner
Andrew’s wood cuts look good against the old barn boards. Sheila’s cards are displayed below and Colleens soap and lotion are on the table on the left. Torild is often working with wool during the Saturday’s when the barn is open.
Torild's barn in S. Marysburgh Mirror
I (Bob) am not an artisan but have been helping with publicity, which has included visiting B & B’s and other accommodation owners in the area and helping with advertising. A popular local paper published this little article I wrote about the barn. You may find that the article becomes clear enough to read if you double click on the picture.


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  1. jenny goshulak

    How lovely to see each family member contributing to the artisan community! What a wealth of creativity and beauty!

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