Self-powered rototillers

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As noted in the last post, for several reasons we didn’t have as much vegetable garden this past season as we would have liked. However, we now have one advantage – self-powered rototillers!

Over the past little while, the three pigs that remain (five have now gone to the butcher) have enjoyed a paddock near the house that includes one of the garden plots. They particularly were excited to go over every square inch of that plot, digging the soil, uprooting the sunflower plants and eating the roots and stalks.

Doing the work in the garden for us. and loving it!
Doing the work in the garden for us. and loving it!


The plot now looks almost ready to plant again. Once the pigs are gone we plan to cover that area with last year’s leaves that the chickens and pigs helped compost. (See Doing their job) The soil on our ridge where we built the house is much thinner and more stony than the soil in the better farmland in the back of the property so it needs all the organic matter that we are able to add.

In the meantime, the pigs love getting their rest by sleeping on the nice black soil that they have rototilled.

Sleeping on the job
Sleeping on the job





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  1. So, self-powered rototillers, 4-legged grass cutters, what’s next?? Do you think you could train the chickens to sort and grade the eggs? Glad to see things are going well. Bob, how is the most recent bout with Lyme’s going?
    Take care! Janette

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