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Andrew has been busy the past week harvesting a good crop of honey.

We have always enjoyed his honey but I think that this year’s is the best yet! The flavor of some of it is lighter and more fruity, probably because of the basswood (linden) trees that were loaded with a huge number of blooms shortly before harvest. I was working in the field near a basswood tree when it was at peak bloom and was surprised that the tree sounded alive with the buzzing of thousands of bees busy working its flowers.

Honey from other areas is a little darker and many people enjoy its more robust flavour better.

The colour and flavor variations depend on the flowers and trees that are in bloom in the vicinity of the hives


Because the honey flow has been very good this year, Andrew is also selling it in bulk by the pail: both 6 pound pails ($25) and 11 pound pails ($40).

Our BC followers can only enjoy the pictures of the honey but local people are welcome to come to our “honey shack” at 573 Morrison Point Rd to pick up some great honey.


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  1. Gurwinder Athwal

    It is great. I always love reading anything related to nature. My father is a farmer too in India and one of my brother-in-law (sister’s husband) has his own honey bee farm and we used to listen about different flavour they collect according to the season and bee’s visit to different flowers.

  2. Pamela Fraser

    FANTASTIC FLAVOUR & QUALITY. Thank you. Nice meeting Bob too on our Ride.
    Drew & I Love your Family’s Honey. We’re telling our Friends. 😎
    Have a Super Summer.

  3. We bought three jars of summer wildflower honey on 17 September, 2020 and can’t wait to try it on home-made sourdough bread – the perfect combination! Thanks so much for having the lovely farm stand.

  4. Do you have the dark honey now?

  5. BobandSheila

    Hello Lynda,

    Unfortunately, due to the extreme heat and the drought this summer in our part of the County, the amount of summer honey was far below other years. In addition, there was no fall harvest and it is usually in the fall that we get the darkest honey. However, there is still some summer honey left and it is medium dark this year.

  6. Hi ,
    I want to come pick up honey . Can I have some phone number where I can call and come pick up .

    • BobandSheila

      Thank you. There are plenty of both 500 gram (1.1 lb) jars and 3 kg (6.6 lb) pails in the honey shack on the driveway which is open 24/7. if you would like to speak to us, you can call 343-600-4225.

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