Local flooding

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It rained hard here yesterday. The temperature was warm and the remaining snow melted rapidly. The surface was already saturated from earlier snow melt and below that level the ground was still frozen. So the rain water and water from snow melt couldn’t soak in but caused local flooding on our property. When the rain stopped, I went out to check things out.

Here are a few things that I found:


20160203_132142_duck pond
Our “duck pond” at the front of the house which was dug at the last minute to provide fill needed around the house. Originally we had hoped that it might fill up in the Spring but its level has been gradually rising during the winter. Yesterday it not only filled to the top but began overflowing slightly.


A lot of water collected on the road in front of our house. The road was still passable but I was surprised to see so much water on it.


Stretches of trail at the back of the property were under water. Water had never collected in these sections in the summer, even after heavy thunderstorms.


Instead of the usual trickle, the water was gushing from our dug out at the back.


I was surprised to find this cascade of water rushing down the wooded bank below the orchard. We were aware that runoff water drained down that bank but I never imagined it could become a pretty little ‘waterfall’ like this.


Much of the water from our property ended up in this wetland. It was part of Lake Ontario until the 1970’s when road construction cut it off from the lake. Since then it has become filled with sediment and covered with marsh grasses and bulrushes and rarely contains much water. But yesterday, with all of the water draining in from our property, it almost looked like it could be part of Lake Ontario again!

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  1. jenny goshulak

    Love the little waterfall..looks very mild there…We are into the grey drizzle!


  2. It must make you feel like you are in Abbotsford again!

  3. BobandSheila

    Yes, Dave, the mild temperatures and rain are like Abbotsford but the frozen ground which kept the water from sinking in isn’t as common there. And, Jenny, I took a video of the waterfall because I liked it so much and the water made such a great sound. But it will take me some time to learn how to “embed” a video into the blog. When I have figured that out I will try posting that video clip.

  4. Good thing you both kept your wellies, your property is quite beautiful with lots of variety in vegetation and

    Loved the showing of your spring flowers,


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