Island paradise – 4th day

My apologies for the lack of recent posts. We have not had internet connection since Friday. But now I am at our son’s house in Toronto, having dropped off Ted, our friend who volunteered to drive with us, and now waiting to pick up Sheila from the airport in a few hours. So, I have some catching up to do!

The 4th day offered a great reward, one day before reaching our final destination in Prince Edward County. We made good enough progress to be able to spend the night with Dan and Jemma, good friends from Langley. In fact, our timing was absolutely impeccable! After nearly 4,000 kms driving across the country, we turned into the side road to their cottage at exactly the same time as they did after having flown from Vancouver and being driven from the Toronto airport by Dan’s father. So we were all able to get in the boat together and save Dan a trip back to pick us up.

Those of us who grew up in BC tend to think that our islands and waterways are the most beautiful anywhere. But our 16 hours on the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron certainly tested that notion. In addition, we were treated to wonderful hospitality by three generations of the Werner family in the lovely, rustic family cottage which has been in the family for over a century. Here are a few shots from our brief stay:

taken during the 20 minute boat ride from Pointe au Baril to the island
The house was built in 1914. The island was purchased some years before that for 5 pounds sterling from the British Crown.
the chimney in the century old cottage
the chimney in the century old cottage
The raised flag means that the family is at the cottage.
Dan took us on a boat cruise near sunset.
Thank you, Werners, for a lovely respite from the long trip!




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  1. Gorgeous island haven!
    Once you’ve picked Sheila, you will have truly moved to Ontario! I think of you often and am so thankful to be able to follow your progress.

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