Honey raised by Andrew Burkinshaw

We honour what the plants and bees were designed to do and thus minimally process the bounty to preserve its natural goodness. Our honey is small-batch extracted, using only gravity to move it through the extraction process. Our honey is completely unheated, so that all the natural flavours and nutrients are intact. We place our hives in locations where the bees will find their primary forage from wild, unsprayed blossoms, seeking their health and ours, in avoiding chemical contaminants.  Our bees forage in fields, forests and edge lands which are far away from crops sprayed with chemicals. We are honoured to bring this product to you and hope that you enjoy its goodness.

Summer wild-flower honey

– either light and fruity or darker and more robust, depending on the type of flowers in the vicinity of the hives

Also Spring and Autumn honey in season.

$10 per 500 gram jar or $25 for 3 jars or $85 for a case of 12 jars

New this season!

“Old fashioned Chunk Honey” ($15) (Sorry, sold out)

Bulk pails: 6 lb ($25), 11 lb ($40) (Sorry, sold out)

Many of us would argue that honey comb is one of nature’s most wonderful treats! We now offer a generous chunk of honey comb in a 700 gram jar of honey.

$15 per jar. (Sorry, sold out)

Bulk honey

For the real honey lover;

6 pound pails of honey for $25. That is a bargain at $4.16 per pound! (Sorry, sold out)

11 pound pails of honey for $40. That is a bargain at $3.64 per pound! (We still have some 11 pound pails available).


To purchase:

The Honey Shack (open 24-7 even in winter – cold does not harm honey!). On our driveway at 573, Morrison Point Rd.

The Local Food Shop (7 days a week, May to October), 212 Country Road 16, Prince Edward County

Torild’s Barn (Saturdays, 10 am to 4 pm, July to September), 556 Morrison Point Road, Prince Edward County

Or call us at 343-600-4225



The Honey Shack on our driveway at Morrison Point Road. Raw, local honey and fresh eggs from pastured hens available