We have a limited quantity of goat meat available (as of January 20, 2018). Please contact us (see below)


The most widely eaten meat in the world! Low in saturated fats and cholesterol and high in protein and iron.

Our goats are naturally raised on pasture, bush and small amounts of grain. Free of antibiotics. They are rotated to new paddocks of pasture and bush every week or two. Experienced consumers say our goat meat is much milder and more tender than goat meat that they are used to eating.

To purchase:

The Local Food Shop (7 days a week, May to October), 212 County Road 16, Prince Edward County

Or contact Bob at robert.burkinshaw@gmail.com or call us at 343-600-4225 (home) 343-263-3312 (cell)

The goats can reach quite high for leaves and branches but sometimes we help them out by pulling down the vines and branches that are out of their reach.